Physical Therapy Equipment

Physical Therapy Exercise Equipment:

Everyone has always been in that situation where physical therapy equipment is needed. Whether its because of a sprained ankle or a crushed upper leg.

We have all had that unfortunate fall that has landed us up in the hospital getting x-rays or that torn muscle that has landed us up in our beds unable to walk.

Incidentals happen that we did not expect would ever happen like falling off a bicycle. But things also happen because of years of strain. An example of this is arthritis.

The best way to get well on your way to a stronger and healthier you, is using physical therapy equipment that has been made to fit your special needs.

If  you’re a physical therapist and have decided to take the step into running a part time therapy service at home or have opened a new office and realize you could stand to replace some older machines or add to your inventory,  you’re going to have to spend some money.
Physical Therapy Equipment OnlinePhysical therapy equipment isn’t the cheapest thing out there, but you’re doing something great for the community and making a profound difference in people’s lives so the return on your investment is twofold.

Not only physical therapists are in need of physical therapy equipment, but many people may be in need of purchasing physical therapy equipment for minor needs, that you can use at home, either way, it is considerably time consuming and difficult to find all the necessary equipment you will need.

Luckily you can find most of this equipment online and you can save quite a bundle if you don’t mind buying some used items or last years model. They often function the same way but at a reduced cost. We have put a list together of therapy equipment and where to find it to make it a little easier for you.

Can You Buy Hydrotherapy Equipment Online?

Hydrotherapy conjures up images of swimming pools to most people, but there are actually a huge assortment of products out there that cater to your specific specialty or clientele.

Jacuzzi Massage Hydrotherapy Corner Bathtub

Jacuzzi Massage Hydrotherapy 2 Person Whirlpool White Corner Bathtub

Do you really need that 20 ft by 20 ft pool or can you get by with a 2-person whirlpool hydrotherapy massage tub, or perhaps something that can easily be setup indoors with no worries of leaking and causing damage.

Ordering this type of equipment online can seem questionable because you won’t know if it works properly until it’s all set up and by then, you could have potential leaking issues.

Due to the nature of this equipment and the medical use, you’re almost always going to get top of the line, working products unless they specify something is wrong. It is time consuming to have to set it up yourself, but you can order online from a manufacturer who includes setup.

Where Can I Buy Orthopedic Equipment?

You can find orthopedic equipment in physical therapy online stores, or occasionally at local health care companies. Local companies often offer used, and new products, but you are going to pay more than buying online from a specialty dealer or directly from someone selling their stock.

Orthopedics Wrist Brace

Orthopedics Wrist Brace

If you are looking to save money on orthopedic equipment, it is cheaper to buy in bulk, it can be bought in packs such as a 6-pack of arthritis hand supports or a 12-pack of knee braces. Buying products like these in bulk is definitely the most cost efficient.

Where Can I Get Hand Exercise Equipment?

When someone has an injury to their hands, it’s especially worrying, as we rely on our hands to accomplish almost everything in our day to day lives. To help tendons heal and restore range of motion, months of using hand exercise equipment isn’t just recommended, it’s necessary.

Buying hand exercise equipment can help your clients restore functionality and be able to the things they used to do. Products like rubber band exercisers can usually be bought in 6, and 12 packs online, or at a local health care product distributor and should come with different sets of bands to increase/decrease tension.

Squishy balls offer a nice hand workout and some physical therapists use those as business cards, making them a very pleasing and useful way to get your name out there. Hand exercise equipment is typically lower priced and shouldn’t be purchased used.

Squishy Balls

Hand Squishy Balls


Inflatable Compression Stockings:

This is extremely useful to the elderly suffering for artery diseases or those who have a small amount of mobility in their legs. It looks like a wrap that is placed in the problem area.

This wrap is connected to a machine that helps relieve the problem area of pain. It starts with giving pressure to the ankle and less pressure the higher the stocking goes. This allows the blood flow to flow through the leg all the way to the heart.

Many people have gone for this as a solution since no drugs are needed, and no surgical procedures are needed. You will always get a good deal on these products. You just have to know where to look.

There are online stores that sell this machine round about $40-$400 it all depends on the different features. But it all does the same job relieves you from a stressful and painful life.

You can also buy air inflatable compression stockings, that work with a pump and not a machine, which is ideal for home use and less expensive.

Physical Therapy Bands:Resistance Band

Physical therapy bands have been used for years and are very effective!  These are a huge help in building muscles in your upper and lower body joints and muscle.

There are different levels so you will always be progressing in your workout. You probably will start off with the lightest resistance and once this has become super easy you can move on to the next band.

This ultimately means you can get your body to function even better than before you even need the physical therapy bands.

There is also a choice of thickness of bands. To include with what the bands offer, they all come in different colours. The different colours will help you know exactly what resistance you will receive.

Physical Therapy Balls:Physical Theapy Balls

Physical therapy balls are a great help to those suffering from back problems, spinal problems and need to strengthen their core. Other muscles this ball can help is your biceps, hips and arms.

They are used even when trying to prevent injuries. Because most muscle injuries happen from over working out or doing something too fast. These balls will help strengthen your muscles  from you core all the way down to the smallest of muscles.

By strengthening your core, which will strengthen the rest of your body, will help prevent injuries that can occur.

This ball comes in two different sizes. They range from 30cm all the way to 150cm. The different sizes help those who are different lengths. These balls are not expensive at all!!  They cost between $18.79-$37.35. They are inflatable which means they take absolutely no space and can be taken with if traveling.

Physical Therapy Foam Roller:Foam Roller

There are so many things that foam rollers help assist. This range from physical therapy, therapeutic help, core training, strengthening, balance, self massaging etc.

They are excellent for support. These rollers have become extremely popular in the world of today. They are very light and are made from soft tissue foam. They vary in shapes and sizes.

Foam rollers will help any area that is in pain, discomfort or just needs help. By using these foam rollers, you are putting pressure on the problem area which will create more blood flow to that area.

This will help ease the discomfort and create a tightness in the muscles. These rollers help decrease lactic acid build up and decrease the scar tissue. They also correct muscle imbalances.

How Do I Find Physical Therapy Equipment For Sale?

Many people think hospital grade equipment is difficult to find, but it’s almost as easy as buying a hot tub or bicycle. All the normal places you’d check will have a section devoted to it. Craigslist, manufacturer sites, specialty sites and more will all have quite a large selection depending on the time of year.

In the spring, people tend to upgrade their equipment so larger items will be easier to find at a discount, but small, single-use equipment like ankle splints will be the same price year round.

Buying used physical therapy equipment is the best option if you are on a budget or want to save some money and you’ll typically end up with a high quality product, even if its a couple of years old, Physical therapy equipment is built to last so even something a couple models older than the newest product, will still do what it’s intended to do.

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